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Reps. Johnson, Watson Coleman Co-Lead Letter to the Biden Administration Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

U.S. Representatives Hank Johnson (GA-04) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) recently sent a letter urging the Biden Administration to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, particularly as it relates to pregnant women and babies. The letter emphasizes the lack of medical resources available for pregnant women to give birth and newborn babies to receive proper neonatal care. The letter, which has 17 cosigners, urges President Biden to take the following actions:

1.         Urge a ceasefire and immediate halt of offensive military attacks, including bombardments and other military operations.

2.         Press the Israeli government to allow sufficient fuel to sustain civilian life in Gaza, including fuel for the operation of hospitals, the pumping and treatment of clean water, and the maintenance of basic sanitation services.

3.         Facilitate the restoration of commercial activity and much-needed humanitarian aid efforts to provide basic and life-saving goods and services to the population in Gaza.

4.         Continue working to release all hostages, especially women and mothers, as was done during the seven-day humanitarian pause, and work with international partners to pressure Hamas to allow International Committee of the Red Cross visits and care for all hostages held in Gaza until their release is secured.

“We are writing to express our deepest concern regarding the ongoing humanitarian disaster taking place in Gaza,” the letter states. “Where over 18,000 people have been killed and many others are missing and presumed dead in the rubble left by the relentless bombardment that also threatens the safety of the hostages being held by the terrorist group Hamas. Most alarming is the impact the bombardment is having on women and children, who make up approximately 70 percent of the casualties reported since the start of the war.”

Read the full letter HERE.