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Hank Johnson For Congress

Congressman Johnson is a staunch supporter of DACA, TPS, refugees and immigrants who come to America for a better life for themselves and their children. READ MORE »

Hank Johnson For Congress

Hank has delivered over $350 million of federal investment in Fourth District job creation since January 2009, including $98 million to save over 1,000 teaching jobs in DeKalb, Rockdale, Newton and Gwinnett counties. READ MORE »

Hank Johnson For Congress

Hank will fight the GOP at every step as they attempt to take access to affordable healthcare away from millions of Americans and stand his ground to protect consumers and empower ordinary Americans seeking affordable health insurance. READ MORE »

Hank Johnson For Congress

Hank believes that the U.S. military is greatest fighting force in history, and the men and women who serve in it must be honored and amply rewarded — never neglected. READ MORE »

Moms Demand Action: Gun Sense Candidate 2022


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