Fix the Courts: Stand with Hank on Court Reform

Hank’s Court Reform Bills in the News

4-20-2022: The Hill: The 21st Century Courts Act would help restore public confidence in the judiciary  4-26-22: OCG News: Congressman Hank Johnson to chair hearing on Supreme Court Ethics 4-27-22: The Hill: Democrat says judicial ethics problems are bigger than Clarence Thomas 4-27-22: The Jolt: Internal GOP memo testing attacks on Raphael Warnock 4-27-22: Fox5 […]

Hank’s Court Reform Platform

Justice under the law is a fundamental tenet of our Democracy. That is why the framers of our Constitution established the Judicial Branch as a co-equal branch of our government. In their wisdom and as part of the checks and balances that exist between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches, the framers assigned to the […]